to brooklyn,
with love

Book Club started as a project simply for me to get to know my neighbors, but once the work got started, I realized that Book Club could fill a larger need in our community: Women and Femmes of Color still crave spaces where they can share their stories. Transplants (like myself) remain disconnected and complacent about Black + Brown folx being uprooted in our shared neighborhoods.

Since its humble start in 2018, Bed Stuy Book Club has blossomed into an online + IRL community that centers the stories of Women and Femmes of Color in Brooklyn. We meet every month to discuss books, we write together, we support local businesses, we listen to each other — we hold space for each other.

To get involved, come to one of our events or read our blog. Contact me if you’d like to highlight work you’re doing in Brooklyn.

A million thank you’s for your support,